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Is Your Little One Hitting Milestones on Track?

As babies grow from sleepy newborns to curious explorers in just 12 short months, it’s vital you have go-to activities that encourage development across physical, cognitive, speech, and social domains. Without nurturing playtime designed to exercise emerging skills at each age, delays can happen silently!

But who has time to stress about measuring up to monthly markers? Googling what’s appropriate play at 2 months vs 6 months? Tracking textbooks on what activities build the best foundation or buying all the specialty gear “gurus” say you need?

With BabyBrew Activity Cards, skill-building playtime becomes easy, affordable, and delightful for both baby and caregiver.

Your Playtime Solutions
  • BabyBrew Activities makes intentional and purposeful playtime with your infant affordable

    Keep Playtime Simple

    We pride ourselves in minimalist-styled playtime. Our activity cards only harness items already found around your home with no need to buy additional material for quality time between you and your baby.

  • BabyBrew Activities Play decks are designed to be developmental for infants

    Tailored to Your Little Explorer's Exact Age

    With activities vetted by child experts for appropriateness and safety at each stage, our playtime decks provide you milestone markers from 0-4 months up to 9-12 months and beyond.

  • Bringing Together Baby & Caregiver

    Transform learning and daily care routines into opportunities for more interaction and laughter between parents and little ones through guided and nurturing activities the whole family can cherish!

Hear From Our Customers

"BabyBrew activity cards are a fun way to connect and intentionally play with our baby! Each set has been so helpful and fun not only for us, but also for grandparents. We can’t wait for the toddler deck to come out!"

Haley B. - 1st time Mom

"BabyBrew activity decks are amazing! It has helped my husband and I to intentionally play and connect with our baby starting at birth. I highly recommend them to all our friends who are having babies!"

Adrienne W. - 1st time Mom

"The BabyBrew cards are awesome, and I use them on a daily basis. The cards are awesome because not only do they give you great ideas, but they also give you the reasoning behind doing the activities. I feel more confident being able to utilize these cards as a resource."

Briana R. - 3rd time Mom

"I have been gifting BabyBrew activity cards for months now and all the soon-to-be mothers are obsessed with the activities! It’s a cute and unique gift, especially to new mothers who want to help their baby with their next milestone. Every time I have gifted a parent these decks, they have expressed how much they truly felt ready/prepared now after looking at the activities."

Kendall R.

"Being a new grandma, it had been years since I had held a newborn for any length of time. The cards recommend good activities for playing and interacting. Fun to follow and creative, using things that are already in your house. No new 'clutter.'"

Suzy M. - Grandmother

"I’ve been blessed to become a great grandmother to 3 little ones. I’ve forgotten ways to ‘play’ so BabyBrew activity cards have been exactly what I needed for creative and fun ways to interact with these precious little ones."

Jenetha D. - Great Grandmother

Unlock Boundless Learning Adventures

Embark on a journey of discovery with our Love-To-Learn Activity Decks. These expert-reviewed cards are designed to nurture your baby’s developing skills, all while making learning fun and engaging.

Dive into Splash-Ready Adventures!

  • Our swim diapers are designed for babies aged 10 to 70 lbs.
  • Transform them into cloth diapers with a simple insert.
  • Rise snaps and dirty snap closures

Reach out, ask questions, or simply say hello! We’re here to make your BabyBrew experience delightful.


Curiosity Corner

What can my baby do from 0 to 12 months?

Your baby’s first year is a remarkable journey filled with developmental milestones. These milestones encompass a range of skills, from rolling over and sitting up to taking those precious first steps. But it’s not just about physical achievements—your little one’s expressive abilities also blossom during this time.

Picture your baby smiling, cooing, and waving “bye-bye.” These seemingly small gestures hold immense significance. They signify your child’s growth, curiosity, and connection with the world around them.

What are examples of developmental milestones for babies?

Your baby’s journey is filled with magical milestones. These are the little victories that light up your days—the first step, the heartwarming smile, and the adorable wave of “bye-bye.” We call these precious achievements developmental milestones.

But it’s not just about physical feats. Your little one’s world expands as they play, learn, speak, and explore. From those early coos to their first steps, each milestone is a celebration of growth.

How Can I Use the Love-To-Learn Activity Decks to Encourage My Baby’s Development?

The Love-To-Learn Activity Decks are a treasure trove of developmental opportunities for your little one.

Each card features an engaging activity designed to stimulate physical, cognitive, language, and social growth.

To use them effectively, simply choose a card, follow the instructions, and enjoy quality playtime with your baby.

Remember, it’s not just about reaching milestones—it’s about creating precious memories together.

Can I Customize the Love-To-Learn Activity Decks for My Baby’s Unique Needs?

Absolutely! The beauty of these activity cards lies in their flexibility.

Feel free to adapt the activities based on your baby’s age, interests, and developmental stage.

You can modify the pace, add variations, or even combine cards to create personalized playtime experiences.

Trust your instincts—you know your baby best!

How can I tell if my baby is developing normally?

Watching your baby grow is a delightful journey. To gauge whether your little one is developing normally, keep an eye out for developmental milestones.

Milestones are the little victories that mark progress. They include skills like rolling over, sitting up, babbling, and taking those first wobbly steps.

Remember, every baby is unique. While there are general timelines for milestones, some babies reach them earlier, while others take their time.

Stay curious! Observe how your baby plays, learns, speaks, behaves, and moves. If you ever have concerns, don’t hesitate to discuss them with your child’s doctor during regular check-ups

How Can I Make the Most of BabyBrew’s Activity Decks?

Unlock the Magic!  Our BabyBrew Activities card collection is your secret weapon for delightful playtime with your baby.

  • Choose a card: Each card features an intentional and purposeful activity. Pick one that resonates with you and your little one.
  • Engage together: Dive into the activity with enthusiasm! Whether it’s tummy time, sensory play, or peek-a-boo, your baby will thrive on your interaction.
  • Adapt and personalize: Feel free to modify the activities based on your baby’s age, mood, and interests. These cards are flexible—just like your love for your little explorer.

Remember, every card is a chance to create memories. So go ahead, giggle, explore, and celebrate those tiny triumphs!

How do I interact with my baby?

Unlock the enchantment!  Interacting with your baby is like weaving a spell of love and connection.

  • Talk to your little one: Share stories, secrets, and sweet nothings. Your voice is their favorite melody.
  • Playtime magic: Dive into their world of wonder. Peek-a-boo, gentle tickles, and soft cuddles—they all work wonders.
  • Remember, your baby’s cues are their whispers. When their expressions change or their movements slow down, it’s their way of saying, “I need a break, Mom and Dad!” Listen closely.

And if your baby has an extended stay in the hospital, your presence becomes their anchor. Hold them, soothe them, and let BabyBrew’s love-infused activities be your guide.